A memorial for the victims of Paris attacks

Paris, november 13 2015

Association Génération Bataclan - A citizen’s initiative !
We need you to build a memorial for the victims of the Paris attacks

To gather and unite all who want to help build the memorial, a work that would reflect the victims and the spirit of Paris. 

Three weeks ago, my beloved Paris was the site of horrendous violence. Murderous thugs attacked innocent people who were doing nothing more than having a good time: going to a concert, a café, a restaurant. The victims of the attack were doing what Parisians do best - enjoying life. The Association Génération Bataclan is a not-for-profit association whose goal is to build a commemorative statue across the street from the Bataclan in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 13 November 2015. I have donated and I hope you too will support their efforts to honor the victims as well as our essential rights and liberties for which those 130 lives were lost. Vive Paris !
Douglas Kennedy

Please, even if it's only what you consider to be a small amount, do contribute to this cause. Every donation will make a difference. Thanks so much for your support!

The Association “Generation Bataclan” was created in the aftermath of Friday, November 13, 2015, to serve a project: finance and erect a memorial, in the center of Paris, to honor the 130 victims of the terrorists.
 Our team
Generation Bataclan is composed of members of civil society, unrelated to any organization or political party. We are, like you, citizens of the world, who were directly or indirectly affected by the attacks.
Origin of the project
France has always commemorated victims of war and erected monuments to honor its fallen soldiers. However, only a simple memorial plaque is put to honor the memory of murdered civilians. We think that it is important to invoke and keep their memory alive. Following the tragic attacks in Paris and the outpouring of solidarity from around the world, it seems essential to work together to have a monument in Paris, selected and funded by the citizens, to commemorate the victims of these horrendous attacks. Erecting a monument to emphasis the gravity of what happened. Those who died on November 13 embodied our values and it is our duty, now more than ever, to keep these values alive.
Hundreds of people have already contacted our association through social networks, by email, telephone, starting with victims injured in the attacks and their relatives or friends. Personalities from the world of entertainment, film and writers affected by the events who wish to help us in our action, like Bono (U2) or writer Douglas Kennedy. Others, policy-makers, economic and administrative players immediately showed us their support in the actions we needed to undertake. The media also did their part by spontaneously relaying information on our project, 
We called on the creativity kills of all citizens, all ideas are welcome. We’ve kept all of them, for now and they will be presented to the public and submitted to a vote on our website to select a winner.
Beyond placing a discreet plaque or a memorial stone in front of the Bataclan, IN SITU, we wish for a real monument, a work that takes its rightful place, and blends with the landscape, the neighborhood.
 What will the money raised be used for?
The money raised will help to design the artwork resulting from the “call for ideas”, but also fund a feasibility and completion study, design and create the work, make the necessary representations to the government to implement the work on the public domain and ensure its maintenance.
Association Generation Bataclan Paris France
Olivier Legrand
Head of the Association Generation Bataclan
Mob:0033 6 58 52 59 35
Email: olivier@generationbataclan.fr
Website:  http://www.generationbataclan.fr
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/generationbataclan
Head office: Ass Génération Bataclan BP 206 - 141, Avenue Felix Faure 75015 Paris France
Twitter: @genebataclan